Customization Service

The customization job will incur a fee.
The complexity of each issue varies, and we would like to understand your specific requirements before providing a price quote.


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    Airbnb vs Traveler

    If before, you always spent a lot of time manually connecting one-way from Airbnb to Traveler

    Right now, Traveler and Airbnb can automatically connect two ways, making your booking easier and faster. Besides, it will help you avoid the problem of double booking


    Tour package

    Each tour will have only one type of price and this is a difficult problem for tours with many different prices.

    You will have to create many tours with different prices for the same trip, making the website slower

    –>The optimal solution for you is to create a tour package. It solves the problem of different prices for the same tour and helps you create tours more quickly

    Room package

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    Traveler Customization Service FAQ

    What’s the difference between free support and further support?

    We provide free support for Traveler’s customers during the service support period(6 – 12 months), but you may know that the free support only includes issues about trouble using and bug fixing or small custom questions like CSS issues. However, the Traveler customization service is also not included in the free support. Free support also has a time limit, usually 6 or 12 months(based on your choice when purchasing a theme) from the purchase of the theme from Envato.

    Therefore, if you plan to make some custom changes to your website, add features, and so on, please consider our Traveler customization service.

    What is the customization service process?

    First of all, tell us some necessary details through the form, please describe your needs as detailed as possible, and then we will reply to your email and quote the price to you. If we can reach an agreement, you pay 100% in advance, then start to work.

    Note: Traveler Theme uses only email from the addresses and Any other email addresses do not belong to or refer to the Traveler Theme. Please don’t trust any other email addresses