How to Sync TripAdvisor Calendar?


The calendar sync is a manual one-way sync, which means that it only synchronizes data from other systems to Traveler, not from Traveler to other systems. The sync process needs to be performed manually, as there is no automatic sync functionality available.

Traveler Theme support customer to manage available calendar online on TripAdvisor with this function. Please, do the following steps to set up.

Step 1: Log in your account in the TripAdvisor website.

Step 2: In the dashboard, select Calendar on the menu header.

Step 3: Setup available booking on the calendar.

Step 4: After completed the step 3, click on Export at the right side bar to get calendar url for sync data in theme.

Step 5: Copy and Paste this link to Ical URL of your service settings

TripAdvisor-calendar Image 1