Rethinking the
customer touchpoint

Traveler focus on desiging and managing strong customer experience to define the customer’s journey that drive their loyalty and satisfaction to your travel business

Customer satisfaction is worthless,
customer loyalty is priceless

The path to purchase in travel industry is extremely competitive and busy. We know what your problem is and have a way to fix it. Help you build and maintain customer loyalty.

Seach box widget

We know what customers want, so we build a smart search engine that shows the most relevant results first. With the search box widget, you can look for perfect hotel in the world that meet your preferences


Customers love to do research before making a purchase, we put together a specific information about services to give them a broad picture to book and pay

Search Result Page

Customers will find their favorite hotel by filtering price, review score, hotel star, facilities and hotel theme in the filter bar. In addition, it’s easier and faster to locate hotels in sorted list than unsorted order.

Search when moving map

If customers are tired of searching hotels in a list and want to interactive map, we provide a draggable map function to help them search hotel by simply dragging a map. As a results, the search result of hotel will be displayed in the direction you move it.

Hotel Information

The quality information will shape to customer’s visiting interest. They will search and research an correct and useful information in online resources to make a purchase. It includes the gallery, description and theme of hotel and customer reviews.

Check Availbility + Inquiry Form

Checking the availability of room in a hotel in a seconds, the hotel itself will have up-to-date information about the number of vacant room for customers. Moreover, customer can submit the inquiry form to send the specific request to the hotel.

Room Information

To stand out in the travel industry, place more professional image of room to impress the customer first and write descriptions for hotel. The rate and availbility function allow customer have more options to choose from.


The new layout of the checkout field is cleaner and more compact, so customers can enter their information faster, make fewer mistakes with the item summary, and pay without having to go to another page.

Payment Method

We provide a multiple payment gateways to support the customer to pay in their currency that make youur business flexible and scalable

Booking Management

Our system is designed easily to keep track both of online and offline bookings in one place, organize real-time availability and price, simplify administrative task. It keeps your business running 24/7, reduce the workload, mistake and service cancellation.

User Dashboard

Watching data in a dashboard allows you to track progress, spot changes over time, understand customer behavior, and make better decisions.