Go to the Theme Settings> Other Options> Enable Google Map> Enter Key Map. Input your google map API right there

No, the search box function has to show all locations, not just a few. You can’t edit the number of locations to be displayed on this search box.

You can try to use Map Box for free. We also support the Map Box and Google Map

Before uploading an icon map to the Map Maker Icon, make sure it is the proper size. In fact, 32×32 and 16×16 versions of an icon map are the common sizes.

To change the banner image, go to the Theme Settings>Styling Options> Header> Banner Transparent.

  • To activate billing, go to
  • Learn more at
  • Please visit for further detail on authentication and Google Maps JavaScript API services.
  • Don’t forget to enable Geocoding API as well as Maps Javascript API to the project in Google Cloud Console and add Geocoding API to API key restrictions as well.

You’ll need to purchase an upgrade package or input a new key for Mapbox to fix this.