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Are you looking for the best performing CRM softwares for travel agency website? You’ve come to the right spot.

In today’s competitive and changing market, travel companies have to deal with a lot of problems. They have to find people and keep them, handle their bookings and payments, provide good service, and do a lot more. To do all of this quickly and effectively, they need comprehensive CRM software that can help them streamline their operations, automate their tasks, and improve their relationships with clients and stakeholders.

But there are so many CRM systems on the market, how do you choose the one that will work best for you? So, we’re here to tell you about the best free and paid CRMs for 2023 based on their features, prices, and customer reviews.

So why wait? Come with us and find out what these tools can do!

Why is CRM important to the overall customer experience?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, lies at the core of building strong customer connections. By putting customers at the forefront and analyzing every interaction from their perspective, businesses can enhance overall experiences and foster customer loyalty.

The impact of prioritizing customer satisfaction is evident in the numbers:

  1. 73% of customers are willing to pay extra for exceptional customer service.
  2. Customer-centric companies tend to be 60% more profitable than their counterparts.
  3. Conversely, just one bad experience can push away 1/3 of your customer base, including your loyal fans.

Besides, CRM systems offer a powerful solution by gathering and storing customer data and managing loyalty programs. This means you can easily identify and reward your most devoted travel customers using gift cards, store credits, and more to increase their engagement.

How to choose the best CRM software for travel agencies?

Choosing the best CRM software for travel agencies depends on your budget, needs, and preferences. Many options are available in the market, each with its features, benefits, and drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a CRM platform for travel agencies:


First and foremost, you should find CRM software that can provide a range of features designed to streamline and enhance your travel management processes, such as:

  1. Booking management: Efficiently handle bookings, track reservations, manage availability, and generate confirmations.
  2. Marketing automation: Automate marketing campaigns, personalize communication, and target specific customer segments.
  3. Customer service: Manage customer inquiries, track interactions, and provide timely and personalized responses.
  4. Itinerary creation: Create detailed travel itineraries, including flights, accommodations, activities, and other relevant information.
  5. Mobile access and compatibility: Easily access and update real-time data from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location.
  6. Advanced contact management: Keep track of every interaction and transaction with customers, providing personalized service and support tailored to their needs.
  7. Collaboration tools for team management: Coordinate and communicate with your staff and partners by assigning tasks, sharing files, chatting, making calls, scheduling meetings, and monitoring performance using CRM software.
Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 2


Integration is a big part of streamlining your processes and making sure that data moves smoothly between your systems. So, the CRM you choose must be able to work with the tools and platforms you already use or plan to use, such as GDS (Global Distribution System), OTA (Online Travel Agency) platforms, POS (Point of Sale) systems, financial software, email marketing software, social media platforms, and more.

Ease of use

Third, it’s important to put ease of use first when choosing CRM software for your travel business. A CRM program that is easy to use will have a layout that is well-designed and makes it easy to find the information and features you need. It should give clear instructions and tips on how to do different jobs, making it easier to learn and saving you time.

To find out how easy CRM software is to use, it’s best to do some research and read customer reviews and scores on G2, GetApp, or Capterra. Positive comments about how simple and easy to use the software is and how easy it is to figure out how to use it shows that it will meet your usability requirements.

Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 3


Before you make a choice, you should look at your budget and decide how much you are ready to spend on a CRM solution. Compare the prices and plans offered by different CRM software companies to find the one that fits your budget the best.

You can also try out some CRM tools that have free plans or samples. You can use these choices to try out the software and decide if it’s right for your travel agency before you pay for a subscription. Free demos can also tell you a lot about how the software works, how it feels to use, and how well it fits with your business processes.

A quick comparison of the top 5 CRM for travel agency website

CRM softwares for travel agency website

5 best free and paid CRM systems for travel agencies

Agile CRM

Agile offers small and midsize travel agencies a fantastic all-in-one CRM solution. It helps automate and simplify business operations, connecting the sales, marketing, and customer service teams on one page. This CRM tool streamlines processes and enhances productivity for tour operators.

The platform saves time on daily tasks by efficiently managing store contacts and sending personalized messages to the target audience. And with the free plan available, your team can enjoy numerous CRM features often found in paid versions of other CRM software. Furthermore, this free version provides up to 50,000 contacts for testing the platform and determining if it’s the ideal eCommerce CRM solution for your business.

Highlight features:

  1. Manage contacts and track deal stages and sales processes on a single page
  2. Create mobile-responsive landing pages with high conversion rates using pre-made templates
  3. Automate your marketing campaigns and workflows with drag-and-drop tools
  4. Utilize comprehensive email marketing tools for newsletters, analytics, tracking, and follow-up emails
  5. Handle customer inquiries through a self-service portal
  6. Address customer queries efficiently with robust ticketing features that prioritize tickets based on assigned conditions
  7. Gain insights into key business metrics through visualized reports and analytics
Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 4

✔ Pros

  1. Integration with 500+ apps
  2. Cloud-based SaaS service with mobile readiness
  3. Efficient setup of marketing campaigns using drag-and-drop tools
  4. Budget-friendly CRM solution with no setup fees

✖ Cons

  1. Customization needs improvement
  2. Complex automation features
  3. Limited customer service
  4. Require steep learning curve for beginners

Pricing: Free plan available (10 users)
Starter: $8.99/month
Regular: $29.99/month
Enterprise: $47.99/month

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot offers a robust all-in-one business solution for your travel business, encompassing sales, marketing, and customer service. Their scalable CRM grows with your agency, and you can customize the available tools to meet your specific needs.

Regardless of the size of your business, HubSpot CRM efficiently tracks every detail of your business relationships, manages customer support, and handles the sales pipeline from a single platform. Besides, you can start with the free version and upgrade to a paid plan as your agency expands.

Highlight features:

  1. Track emails, schedule appointments, engage in live chat, and monitor prospects
  2. Automatically log and update customer deals and sales activities
  3. Integrate with Gmail and Outlook, and utilize email templates
  4. Receive instant notifications on lead engagement and access an activity stream
  5. Store up to 1 million contacts and company records
  6. Schedule and assign tasks within the CRM
  7. Automatically publish sales activities to contact timelines

✔ Pros

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Advanced chatbot for excellent customer service
  3. Customizable email templates
  4. Easy integration with sales software
  5. Great customer support

✖ Cons

  1. Expensive pricing plan
  2. Annual contracts with no early termination
  3. No A/B testing on lower plans
  4. Expensive mandatory onboarding service

Pricing: Free plan available
For individuals and small teams:
Starter: $30/month
Professional: $1,600/month
For businesses and enterprises:
Professional: $1,600/month
Enterprise: $5,000/month

Salesforce CRM

Are you looking for a professional CRM tool for your travel agency website? Then you don’t wanna miss Salesforce – a comprehensive set of CRM solutions for businesses of all sizes and models.
One standout feature of Salesforce is its advanced capabilities, including marketing automation, opportunity tracking, task management, and workflow creation. Moreover, Salesforce provides 4 clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, each catering to different aspects of your business.

Highlight features:

  1. Track deal stages seamlessly
  2. Monitor marketing activities across multiple channels
  3. Manage contacts effortlessly with access to crucial customer data and interaction history
  4. Simplify quoting process with product tracking, standard pricing, and PDF delivery to customers
  5. Configure quickly and easily with a unified code base for faster development
Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 6

✔ Pros

  1. 20 years of CRM market trust
  2. An all-in-one tool for major industries, customizable for specific needs
  3. Customizable email templates
  4. Efficient reporting functionality
  5. 24/7 customer support

✖ Cons

  1. Limited control over CRM upgrades and downtimes
  2. Expensive for small companies
  3. Standardized functionality may not meet the needs of large enterprises or may be excessive for small projects.
  4. APEX coding can be challenging for experienced developers.

Pricing: No free plan | Custom pricing

Zoho CRM

When it comes to managing your business relationships with a great CRM option, Zoho is worth considering. They deeply understand the challenges small and mid-sized businesses face and offer a wide range of comprehensive tools and features to help your agency thrive.

Zoho enables you to store customer data, automate business procedures, and generate real-time reports seamlessly. Additionally, they provide AI-powered sales assistants that can elevate your workflow automation. Furthermore, Zoho is committed to delivering the best CRM for eCommerce at an affordable price, ensuring their system is user-friendly with a minimal learning curve.

Highlight features:

  1. Customize CRM modules, fields, user interface (canvas), and templates
  2. Automate sales processes with lead and deal management tools
  3. Automate customer service with tools like case management and self-service portals for improved support
  4. Drive marketing efforts with email marketing and social media management automation tools
  5. Integrate seamlessly with Xero, Woocommerce, and WordPress through an open API and Developer Space
  6. Implement workflow rules, advanced reporting automation, case escalations, and assignment rules
Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 7

✔ Pros

  1. 500+ extensions available
  2. Import large datasets in just 7 minutes
  3. Affordable solution for small to medium-sized businesses
  4. Customize extensively to meet unique requirements and workflows
  5. Integrate seamlessly with 3rd-party applications
  6. User-friendly software for easy navigation and utilization by non-technical users

✖ Cons

  1. Limited marketing and security features
  2. Limited 100,000 contacts may not suffice for businesses with large client lists.
  3. No chatbot feature available

Pricing: No free plan
Standard: $14/user/month
Professional: $23/user/month
Enterprise: $40/user/month
Ultimate: $52/user/month

Pipedrive CRM

The last contender on our list is Pipedrive. It is a CRM and sales pipeline management tool specifically designed for small and medium-sized sales teams. Pipedrive helps you organize your leads in a way that gives you a clear overview of sales and lets you focus on the most important deals first.

With Pipedrive, you always see a single, streamlined view of your sales process. It brings clarity and alignment to your team. Your emails, calls, and progress are automatically tracked. Pipedrive unleashes your selling prowess by allowing you to focus on what you do best. With the pipeline as your foundation, it keeps your actions on track and your goals within reach.

Highlight features:

  1. Create, manage, and track deals visually with a drag-and-drop interface
  2. Offer the ability to customize pipeline stages to match the sales process
  3. Automate tasks and workflows with triggers, templates, and AI-powered sales assistants
  4. Track and record communication activities with real-time notifications
  5. Analyze sales performance, set goals, and generate visual reports
Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 8

✔ Pros

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. 350+ integration available
  3. Extensive customization options to suit specific needs
  4. Built-in AI sales assistant for personalized insights
  5. Affordable pricing plans with unlimited contacts and customizable pipelines
  6. 24/7 customer support

✖ Cons

  1. Limited custom fields and reports on most plans may not suffice for advanced analytics.
  2. Phone support only available on the highest tier plan
  3. Less advanced workflow automation compared to other CRM

Pricing: Free plan available
Essentials: $12.50/user/month
Advanced: $24.90/user/month
Professional: $49.90/user/month
Power: $59.90/user/month
Enterprise: $74.90/user/month

A success story of a travel agency

Anantara Vacation Club successfully improved its customer service experience by implementing Salesforce CRM. With a rapidly growing customer base of over 14,000 owners in less than a decade, the club turned to Salesforce to ensure consistent and exceptional experiences for its luxury brand. By deploying Salesforce Service Cloud, the club streamlined its customer management process from booking to the end of the stay.

Additionally, the integration of WeChat and Live Chat case management provided convenient and efficient communication channels, catering to the needs of club owners, especially those in China. As a result, the club experienced a remarkable 200% increase in its customer base.
Moreover, response times were reduced from around 10 to less than two hours, improving customer satisfaction scores.

Top 5 best-performing CRM software for travel agency websites 9

Looking ahead, the club plans to enhance its digital transformation further. This includes integrating Sales Cloud for pre-sales lead management and exploring additional Salesforce solutions such as Financial Services Cloud and MuleSoft.
While embracing new technologies, Anantara Vacation Club remains committed to delivering personalized experiences with a human touch. This ensures that each interaction reflects the warmth and sense of family that defines the club’s relationship with its owners.


The importance of CRM software for travel agency websites cannot be overstated. It serves as a vital tool for managing customer relationships, driving sales growth, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. After carefully evaluating features, pricing, reviews, and integrations, the top five best-performing CRM software options for travel agency websites in 2023 emerged: Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Agile CRM.

These CRM solutions bring a host of advantages to travel agencies, enabling them to streamline their operations, optimize their marketing efforts, and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. So why wait? Choose a contender based on our analysis and try it today. We hope this information proves helpful in your decision-making process. Thank you for reading!

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