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Tour reviews reflect how customers felt about their experiences after traveling. It goes without saying that excellent visitor experiences boost a company’s image in the tourism industry.

Yet, gathering online reviews doesn’t seem to be enough. At this point, you should take the tour reviews’ feedback loop into account.

A feedback loop for tour reviews is a continual process through which a travel agency receives customer feedback and acts upon it to enhance its travel services.

A good tour feedback loop is essential for building a happy customer base as well as enhancing your travel service, marketing, support, and other areas.

The goal is to continually gather feedback so that you can closely monitor the direction that your travel service is taking. This sounds like a really daunting task since it takes time and effort to do so.

With that in mind, we put together 5 tips to improve the feedback loop of tour reviews. Look no further to this post if you still don’t know where to start!

Tip #1: Encourage honest feedback

There is always space for improvement in any travel phase, or in your whole travel business. Before implementing any significant adjustments, it’s essential that you recognize where you’re excelling and where you need better.

Direct engagement with your customers is the best way to gather reliable information. Indeed, receiving honest feedback is essential for producing the best final travel service.

Even those feedbacks are criticisms. Don’t ignore them! Both positive and negative reviews will drive your travel company to offer top-notch trips and support your business growth. Moreover, it ensures the effectiveness of the feedback loop.

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Unfortunately, getting honest feedback from your tourists isn’t always simple. Not everyone will take their time to write full feedback, and it may also depend on what and how you ask it, feedback may be biased.

Thus, here are some practical suggestions for encouraging tourists to share what they think about your tour activities.

1. Conduct a survey online. You may add a link to a survey about several simple, cost-free survey tools.
2. Conduct a poll online. Polls are popular for a reason. People like voicing their opinions!
3. Give a gift. Giving people a gift for their feedback shows them that you appreciate their opinions and are not simply asking for anything. As a result, you suddenly have a good reason for seeking honest feedback.
4. Build a community. Eavesdropping is among the best ways to discover the actual thoughts of tourists.

You can easily check the forum conversation threads if you set up a community forum on your website or Facebook to find out how and whether customers are satisfied with your travel services.
The benefit of this way is that the market research side is much less obvious, and customers might be more honest with one another than they might have been if they spoke with you directly.

Tip #2: Respond to reviews promptly

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Keep in mind that the essence of the tour feedback loop is the dialogue between you and the customer. So responding to reviews promptly is very important.

A tour operator responds promptly to reviews, and that is, shows appreciation for the feedback. Whether you get positive or negative feedback, you should always respond quickly. Immediately responding to online reviews can also result in in-person interactions with your customers, giving you the ability to find out more about their thoughts on your travel services.

From this point, you can get honest feedback from customers and know which areas in your travel agency you need to improve.

In addition, you should consider how to reply in order to repeat the positive experience or prevent repeating the unpleasant experience. It is best if you can automate responses to straightforward problems or requests so that you may concentrate on priority situations.

Tip #3: Use feedback to improve services

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A positive feedback loop is when you can put customers’ opinions into action. A positive review may help you repeat wonderful tour experiences, or it can confirm that your tourist journey is performing as expected or even more successful.

A tour operator can regularly analyze their reviews and makes necessary improvements based on feedback.

Gathering customers’ feedback for the development of travel services allows you to prioritize some problems over others. It can help you recognize serious issues that you were previously unaware of, as well as easy solutions that have a significant impact.

Constantly keeping your finger on the customer reviews makes sure you’re pushing development in the right way, both in regard to current changes and the long-term orientation of your travel business.

Tip #4: Share positive feedback

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You can deal with negative feedback. Well, how about some positive feedback? Show it off!
Indeed, there is no reason not to take advantage of the positive reviews to tell the world how good your travel service is.

A tour operator that shares positive feedback on their website and social media platforms to build trust. Also, showing positive reviews is advantageous when it is about getting new customers.
Good product reviews raise your company’s reputation, which increases your chances of drawing in new customers. According to research, 93% of customers check online reviews before purchasing a product or service.

Importantly, think of emphasizing reviews on your social media profiles with an image and reviews from your customers. This strategy can successfully remind current tourists to provide reviews while attracting tourists to think about booking a trip.

Even if you don’t engage with social media frequently, it may be a useful tool for collecting and showing online reviews.

Tip #5: Encourage repeat business

The tour feedback loop is a loop and eventually, you will see your old customers again (that’s in case you build a positive feedback loop)

Although the typical customer feedback loop just involves replying to the customer, it’s also necessary to share that review with your team members in order to enhance your service for both current and potential customers.

For instance, a tour operator makes use of customer feedback to personalize and enhance the experience for repeat customers.

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The ideal strategy for maximizing your customer interactions, and then improving your tour feedback loop is to actively address customers’ online reviews.

In the end, feedback will help you develop and enhance the customer experience you offer. The most vital step is to build a customer-centric mindset of action, where you not only receive feedback but also convert those thoughts into meaningful action for development.


Online reviews should help guide the direction of your travel service. These approaches can help you figure out where to go.

One thing is for certain: once you begin, you must keep going. Feedback loops for tour reviews bring you closer to where your service needs to be, allowing you to gradually but steadily raise your customer lifetime value.

Using the five tips above, you can improve your feedback loop for tours to meet the demands of your customers and produce better and better experiences.

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