Email Template Shortcode

Customer Information

First Name[st_email_booking_first_name] 
Last Name[st_email_booking_last_name] 
Phone Number[st_email_booking_phone] 

Custom Field from ST Form Builder: To show the value of additional fields (after checkout) in the email, kindly insert the shortcode into the email template: [st_email_booking_custom_field field_name = “”]. To ensure correct symbols, please type double quotation mark instead of copying them.

For example, name of custom field is st_note . So insert this shortcode: [st_email_booking_custom_field field_name = “st_note”] into email template

Item Booking Information

Name Code Description
Post type name [st_email_booking_posttype] Show post-type name
ID [st_email_booking_id] Display the Order ID
Thumbnail Image [st_email_booking_thumbnail] Display the product’s thumbnail image (if have)
Date [st_email_booking_date] Display the booking date
Special Requirement [st_email_booking_note] Display the information of the ‘Special Requirements’ when booking
Payment Method [st_email_booking_payment_method] Display the booking method
Item Name [st_email_booking_item_name] Display item name of service
Item Link [st_email_booking_item_link] Display the item title with a link under
Item Number [st_email_booking_number_item] Display number of items when booking.
Check in [st_email_booking_check_in] [st_check_in_out_title] Display check in, check out with Hotel and Rental
Display Pick-up Date and Drop-off Date with Car
Display Departure date and Return date with Tour and Activity
Check out [st_email_booking_check_out] [st_check_in_out_value]  
Start Time [st_email_booking_start_time] Display Start Time with Tour and Activity
Item Price [st_email_booking_item_price] Display item price (not included Tour and Activity)
Item Origin Price [st_email_booking_origin_price] Display original price of the item (not included custom price, sale price and tax)
Item Sale Price [st_email_booking_sale_price] Display the sale price.
Item Tax Price [st_email_booking_price_with_tax] Display the price with tax
Item Deposit Price [st_email_booking_deposit_price] Display the deposit require
Item Total Price [st_email_booking_total_price] Display the total price (included sale price and tax)
Item Tax Percent [st_email_booking_tax_percent] Display the percentage of tax
Item Address [st_email_booking_item_address] Display the address
Item Website [st_email_booking_item_website] Display the website
Item Email [st_email_booking_item_email] Display the email
Item Phone [st_email_booking_item_phone] Display the phone
Item Fax [st_email_booking_item_fax] Display the fax
Booking Status [st_email_booking_status] Display the booking status
Booking Payment Method [st_email_booking_payment_method] Display the booking payment method
Booking Guest Name [st_email_booking_guest_name] Display the booking guest name.





Display the coupon

Display the booking fee

Use for Hotel

Name Code Description
Room Name [st_email_booking_room_name] Display the room name of hotel. @param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Extra Item [st_email_booking_extra_items] Display all service/facillities inside a room
Extra Price [st_email_booking_extra_price] Display total price of service in room.

Use for Car

Name Code Description
Car Time [st_email_booking_check_in_out_time] Display Pick up and Drop off time.
Car Pick up from [st_email_pick_up_from] Display Pick up from.
Car Drop off to [st_email_drop_off_to] Car Drop off to
Car Driver Information [st_email_car_driver] Car Driver Informations
Car Equipments [st_email_booking_equipments] Display equipment list in a car. @param ‘tag’ ‘string’.@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Car Equipments Price [st_email_booking_equipment_price] Display total price of equipment in car. @param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Car Transfer Information [st_email_booking_car_transfer_info] Arrival Date, Departure Date, Passengers, Estimated distance

Use for Tour and Activity

Name Code Description
Adult Information [st_email_booking_adult_info] Display info of adult (number and price) @param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Children Information [st_email_booking_children_info] Display info of adult (number and price) @param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Infant Information [st_email_booking_infant_info] Display info of infant (number and price) @param ‘title’ ‘string’.

Use for Confirming Email

Confirm Link: [st_email_confirm_link]

Use for Approved Email

Name Code Description
Account name [st_approved_email_admin_name] Returns the name of the accounts was approved
Post type [st_approved_email_item_type] Returns type is type approved post (Hotel, Rental, Car, …)
Item name [st_approved_email_item_name] Returns the name of the item has been approved
Item link [st_approved_email_item_link] Returns link to item
Approval date [st_approved_email_date] Returns the approved date


Those shortcodes are used in Email for admin when have a new membership and Email for partner when have a new membership
Name Code Description
Partner’s Name [st_email_package_partner_name] Returns the name of the partner
Partner’s Email [st_email_package_partner_email] Returns email of the partner
Partner’s Phone [st_email_package_partner_phone] Returns phone number of the partner
Package Name [st_email_package_name] Returns name of the package
Package Price [st_email_package_price] Returns price of the package
Package Commission [st_email_package_commission] Returns commission of the package
Package Time [st_email_package_time] Returns time available of the package
Package Item Upload [st_email_package_upload] Returns number of item uploaded of the package
Package Item Set Featured [st_email_package_featured] Returns number of item set featured of the package
Package Description [st_email_package_description] Returns description of the package


Link Download Invoice [st_email_booking_url_download_invoice]