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Are you running a tour agency and looking to take your online presence to the next level? 

By adding Expedia’s wide range of travel services to your site, you can make booking easy for your guests and earn affiliate income for your business. Think about how easy it will be for your customers to plan their whole trip from your website, including booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and events. While these bookings are going on, you will be making money off of them by getting a commission for each completed transaction.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits and process of expedia integration for tour agency. This will help you make a big step toward improving your digital customers’ experience and revenue.

Travel Affiliate Marketing With Expedia

Expedia is one of the most popular online travel platforms in the world. It helps people book hotels, flights, rental cars, and events for their trips. Expedia offers a wide range of travel goods and services in a large number of domestic and international locations. Through Expedia’s Affiliate Program, website owners, writers, and people with a lot of followers can earn commissions by referring users to Expedia’s platform. When a user who was sent to Expedia’s site by an affiliate makes a reservation, you will get a commission.

Monetization Opportunity: The integration with Expedia’s affiliate program gives the website owners a big chance to make money. When people book flights, hotels, car rentals, or tours after being referred from their website, they can make commissions.

Improved User Experience: This integration makes the user experience more smooth. Users can start their search on a site they know and trust, then finish their booking on Expedia, which has a full and reliable booking service. This ease of use and trust can make users happier.

Value Addition: The website is more valuable to the user because it gives them direct access to services like hotel reservations, flight tickets, car rentals, and tours. This extra feature can make users more engaged and loyal, which could lead to more people visiting the website and, in turn, more money for affiliates.

Expedia Integration For Tour Agency

Real-Life Example

For example, Alex is planning a trip to Rome, Italy. He searches for hotels and flights to Rome on your website which uses the Traveler theme. 

  • Search Form: Alex is interested in booking a hotel and a flight, so he fills in “Rome, Italy” as his destination, selects his preferred travel dates, and then clicks the “Search” button.
Expedia Image 3
  • Travel Options: Alex is redirected to the Expedia website. He notices that the URL has a unique identifier at the end. This identifier is an affiliate link that indicates your website as the referral source. On the Expedia website, Alex sees a list of flights and hotels in Rome that are available during his travel dates. He starts to explore his options, checking flight times, comparing hotel prices, and reading customer reviews.
Expedia Image 4
  • Revenue Generation:After reviewing his options, Alex decides on a flight and a hotel. He clicks the “Book Now” button for each and completes the booking process on Expedia. Once the booking is completed, Expedia recognizes that Alex was referred by your website due to the affiliate link in the URL. Finally you will earn a commission from Expedia.

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