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Travel is all about making special memories that people will remember for the rest of their lives. But since there are so many choices, how can travel businesses stand out and really please their customers? The answer is value-added travel, which offers extra benefits and experiences on top of the basics of a normal travel package.

In this articles, we’ll talk about how impress guests with value added is important for travel businesses and give you tips on how to make your guests happy with these extras. So buckle up and get ready to take your guests on a trip they’ll never forget!

Understanding Guests' Needs and Interests

Conducting market research

You can’t just throw a bunch of value-added trip ideas at the wall and see what sticks to make your guests happy. You need to know what your guests want and give it to them on a silver platter. Think of it as being able to read people’s minds, but instead of thinking, you’re reading market trends.

In most cases, the research process includes gathering information about the tastes, habits, and expectations of possible guests. After that, you can use all this knowledge to figure out the needs and interests of your ideal customers and make them feel like, “Wow, this travel business really gets me!”

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Identifying the needs and interests of target guests

Again, once the market study is done, the next step is to figure out what the target guests want and need. For example, if the study shows that most guests like to do things outside, travel companies can change their packages to include more tours and excursions that focus on nature. On the other hand, if the study shows that people would rather have a more laid-back time, travel businesses can change their services to match.

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Customizing travel packages to cater to these needs and interests

The next step to wowing guests with value-added travel is to make sure that the travel packages fit their wants and interests. For example, a travel service that specializes in adventure travel can put together packages with activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and rock climbing that will get your heart racing. Travel companies can add value and stand out from their competitors by making packages fit the wants and interests of their guests.

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Adding Value to Travel Packages

added value services and amenities

Any travel company can make their packages better by adding extra services and perks that fit the wants and interests of their customers. As an example, a fancy hotel might include free meals or a tour of the city as part of their package to improve the experience of their guests. These extra services not only give guests more for their money, but they also make their stay unique and fun.

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Examples of added value services

Let’s talk about how to add value to your items and make them more interesting. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just do simple things like give free meals, free rides to and from the airport, or a guided tour of the city. People say that the way to a traveler’s heart is through his or her mouth, so tasty treats are always welcome.

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Examples of added-value amenities

You can also give your guests extras that will make their stay more enjoyable. Now things start to get interesting! Imagine if your guests could relax at a spa or have a personal butler to help them. These extras can make a big difference and leave your guests with a lasting memory.

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Importance of personalization in value-added travel

Let’s talk about ourselves! Adding a personal touch is the cherry on top of value-added travel. “One size fits all,” as the saying goes. Rather, “one size doesn’t fit all.” Modern travelers want to feel like they are unique and not just another ticket in the crowd. This is where customization comes in!

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Customizing travel packages based on guests' preferences

Personalization is crucial for providing the ultimate guest experience. By tailoring travel packages based on guests’ preferences, you’re showing that you care about their unique interests and needs. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a VIP? It’s like having your own personal travel genie that grants your every wish!

Using guest data to provide personalized recommendations and services

A game-changer is using information about guests to give them personalized suggestions and services. With today’s technology, you can find out a lot about your guests, from what they like to do to what they can and can’t eat. With this information, you can give them unique services and suggestions that show you really know them. “Wow, they even remembered that I’m allergic to peanuts!”

Don’t be a tour company that only has one size that fits everyone. Personalization is a great way to show your guests that you care about what they want and need. It’s the best way to make your trip packages more valuable and keep happy, loyal customers.

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Communicating the value-added services and amenities to guests

Let’s face it, your guests can’t read minds (unless you offer a psychic tour plan, which is a whole different ballgame). So, it’s important to let people know about the services and perks that add value to what you’re selling. A post on your social media, a seasonal banner on your website, a unique brochure that comes with the booking, etc. No matter what it is, don’t keep them in the dark about it. Instead, tell them about all the extras that come with their deal.

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Using marketing and communication strategies to highlight value-added services

When you want to show off how valuable your services are, your secret tool is your marketing and communication plans. Try new things! You can use social media, email newsletters, or, if that’s your thing, even carrier birds. Just make sure that everyone knows about all the great things you have to give.

A small amount of personalization can make a big difference. Imagine how happy your guests will be when they get a personalized email before they arrive that tells them about all the extra services and amenities they can expect. It’s like getting a sneak peek at a surprise party, and they’ll be counting down the days until they can experience it all.

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Real-World Example: Four Seasons Hotels and Resort

If you’re looking for a shining example of value-added travel, look no further than Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. These luxury hotels and resorts have built their brand around the idea of exceeding guest expectations and creating unforgettable experiences. Here is they do it:

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From their luxurious accommodations to their top-notch service, everything about Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is designed to make guests feel like VIPs. They go above and beyond to create experiences that are truly unique and personalized. This focus on value-added travel has helped them build a loyal customer base and maintain their status as one of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands.

Added value services and amenities

At Four Seasons, value-added services and amenities are everywhere you look. From complimentary breakfasts to airport transfers, they provide guests with everything they need for a stress-free and enjoyable trip. They also offer a wide range of activities and experiences, from cooking classes to private yacht charters, that are designed to help guests create unforgettable memories.

The impact of their value-added travel strategy on guest satisfaction

Four Seasons’ value-added travel strategy has been incredibly successful. They consistently receive high marks for guest satisfaction, and their revenue continues to grow year after year. By providing guests with exceptional experiences and personalized service, they have been able to create a brand that is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

In short, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is a great example of how value-added travel can help businesses stand out in a crowded market. By focusing on providing personalized experiences and top-notch service, they have been able to create a loyal customer base and maintain their status as one of the world’s top hotel brands.


In a world where guests expect more and more from their travel experiences, value-added travel has become a crucial tool for businesses to impress and retain customers. By understanding guests’ needs and interests, adding value to travel packages, personalizing the experience, and effectively communicating the added value services and amenities, businesses can create unforgettable travel experiences that keep guests coming back for more.

So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression on your guests, don’t forget the power of value-added travel. And who knows, maybe you’ll even create a buzz that will have other businesses clamoring to imitate your innovative approach!

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