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What's New in Traveler 3.0.8

We are excited to show off our new demo, the Resort Spa Demo, which was made to meet the changing needs of hotel and resort business owners. Our team worked hard and thought outside the box to make this demo because they know how different the hotel industry is and how important it is for a business to have an online presence. To discover our newest demo on version 3.0.8, click here to see more

NOTICE: You should reinstall three plugins Traveler Libray for Elementor, Traveler Code, and OptionTree, and activate them again to make sure the new update works correctly.

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Paradise Hotel Resorts

Paradise Resort Hotel makes it feel like a luxurious getaway. It shows off the luxurious amenities and clean surroundings of your resort with its elegant design. It would give your resort a polished, luxurious online presence, which would encourage more people to book rooms.

Seaside Resort Hotel

Seaside Resort Hotel brings to mind the peace and fun of a seaside vacation spot. It is great for seaside hotels because it lets guests virtually experience the beauty of the ocean, which can lead to more bookings.

New Version 308 - Seaside Resort Hotel

Golf Resort Hotel

Golf Resort Hotel is perfect for resorts with expansive golf courses. By emphasizing how special the golfing experience is, this layout could get a lot more people to join and make reservations.

New Version 308 - Golf Resort Hotel

Escape Resort Hotel

Escape Resort Hotel is made for resorts that give a quiet place to get away. The layout lets potential guests imagine how peaceful your resort is, which makes them more likely to book.

Retreat Resort Hotel

Retreat Resort Hotel is made for places that focus on health and relaxation. This layout lets you show off your resort as a place for health and wellness, which can draw travelers who care about their health and increase bookings.

New Version 308 -Retreat Resort Hotel

Heaven Resort Hotel

The Heaven Resort Hotel layout is for luxury resorts that offer an all-inclusive, top-tier experience. It gives off a sense of exclusivity, which can attract high-end customers and boost bookings and sales.

New Version 308 - Heaven Resort Hotel
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