NEW VERSION 3.0.6 – Improving Layout Website

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What's New Version Traveler 3.0.6

We are excited to let you know that Traveler 3.0.6 is now available for download on February 13, 2023. This latest version of our travel platform has been made to give users a better website experience. With several new features and improvements to the layout, we’re sure that this update will take your travel website to new heights.

Improving Layout Website

In this new version 3.0.6, we’ve made sure that the header template and the layout of your website work together better so that everything works perfectly.

When you add a header template to your website, the code in the template might not work with the code you already have on your website. This can cause layout problems, like when elements overlap or don’t show up right. The error you’re getting could be caused by CSS styles or JavaScript code that don’t work well together. You might need to change the code in the header template or find a different header template that works better with your website’s layout.

To fix these problems, we changed the code in the header template so that it works with any demo website you choose.

To use header template, go to Theme Options > Styling Options > Menu, choose header style you want and import it

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For example, we chose the second style on the list of header templates and used Mod-mix demo on my website. Here is what happened:

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New Features on Traveler 3.0.6

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