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Are you having trouble keeping track of all the bookings and plans for your tour agency?

With the Availability Calendar for tour in the Traveler theme, you can better manage bookings, lower the chance of overbooking, and give your customers a smooth experience. 

This is a powerful tool that helps tour agencies stay on top of bookings, keep track of their availability, and streamline the way they handle bookings.

In this article, you can find out more about these functions and how they can help you take your tour agency business to the next level.

What is Availability Calendar?

It lets potential customers and website users quickly check the availability of your services, like tours, accommodations, or activities. The calendar helps simplify the booking process by giving an intuitive and real-time view of your availability.

Here are the benefits of the availability calendar to make it easy for the clients to choose a suitable date for their adventure.

  1. Convenient Booking Process for Clients: Allowing them to check availability at their convenience. Clients can see real-time updates, so they don’t have to send messages back and forth to find out when things are open. It saves time and lets clients make instant booking choices.
  2. Increased Efficiency for Tour Agency: It eliminates of the need for manual updates or inquiries, lowering the risk of double bookings and making sure that correct information about availability is given. This makes your business run more smoothly and gives your team more time to work on other crucial tasks.

Real-Life Example

Calendar for Tour
  • Tour Selection: A visitor to your tour agency’s website is looking for information about hike tours in the summer. They will be directed to a detailed tour page that provides them everything they need to know about the hiking trip, including its duration, difficulty level, highlights, and, most importantly, the availability
Availability Calendar for Tour Agency Image 2
  • Calendar Navigation: The availability calendar is shown on this page, so visitors can check the availability of the hiking tour directly on your website With the status color, the open dates on the calendar will be easy to see.

    And the calendar may automatically change to show the date that the visitor picked, confirming that the room is available on that day.

Availability Calendar for Tour Agency Image 3
  • Booking Process: Once the visitor knows how many rooms are available, they can start the booking process. They can either click on a “Book Now” button or fill out an inquiry form to reserve their bookings on the chosen date.

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