How to create a travel affiliate website with Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is a platform that connects travelers, content creators, and travel companies to make everyone’s trips more fun. It helps travel companies promote their services, lets content creators earn commissions by promoting those services, and rewards travelers with personalized travel suggestions, exclusive deals, and cashback.

If you don’t have an account, kindly create your TravelPayouts account

  • To setup, kindly navigate to Theme Settings > Affiliate Configure > TravelPayouts
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1. Where to get Travelpayouts ID?

  • Logged-in your Travelpayouts account and copy your ID in the top-right corner, eg 326912
  • Default Language and Default Currency is the default for Travelpayouts Search Result Page
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2. How to use WhiteLable?

Travelpayouts has a tool called “White Label” that lets you change the look of the travel search engine on your website and put your own name on it. With White Label, the search results will show up on your website instead of redirecting users to the TravelPayouts site. Click here to learn more¬†

If you have White Label for Traveler, the search results will be shown on a subdomain of your site. Set up in Theme Settings > Affiliate Configure > TravelPayouts. Use the Whitelabel service.

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Step 1: Create your White Label subdomain

  • To get started, you need to create a CNAME Record for your domain in your hosting’s DNS settings. Your White Label subdomain will typically be something like
  • In the DNS settings, set the CNAME Record to point to and make sure to set up SSL. The setup process may look slightly different if you’re using Cloudflare Nameserver, but the general steps remain the same.
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  • After that, input your whitelabel subdomain, for example, into Theme Settings > Affiliate Configure > TravelPayouts – Whitelabel Name

Step 2: Create TravelPayout Search Result.

  • In the WPAdmin, select Page > Add New to create a new page for TravelPayout Search Result. Select TravelPayout Search Result for Template and Publish/Update your page.
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  • Go to Theme Settings > Affiliate Configure > TravelPayouts – Whitelabel Page Search, and select the page name that was created at Whitelabel Page Search.
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