How to edit header menu?

Go to Theme Settings> Styling Options > Header to change the navigation menu item

  1. Click on add new button, New form will open.
  2. There are 5 standard options to use: Login, Currency, Language, Search form on Header, and Shopping Cart. You just need to select each item for this menu and arrange it as you wish.
  3. Besides that, we also provide you the option Custom link, which you can use this to build other information:
  • Title: Enter Title for a custom link, to mark the option.
  • Item: Select Custom link to activate it
  • Link: Enter the link URL for the item
  • Title Link: This is the name of the Link shown on Front-end
  • Icon Link: you can use Fontawesome v5.15.4 to enter the icon code

For example, I want to create a custom link with a document icon. I search a book icon on Fontawesome first. Link:

Styling Options Image 12

And Paste it on Icon Link

Styling Options Image 11

Finally, this icon will show on header menu item like this:

Styling Options Image 13