What is the front-end of website?

Website design is important because it tells people who visit your site about your brand. A good design shows off text and pictures in a way that helps visitors learn and enjoy your site. Understanding your audience is important if you want to bring in and keep visitors, which will lead to more sales.

With this information, you can pick the right website features to make their experience better. In the sections that follow, you’ll learn about the most visited pages on your website.

Home Page

When people go to your website, the first page they see is the home page. Before deciding whether to stay or leave, they only look at a page for a few seconds. So, the information on your homepage should guide people to the next step in the customer stage.

Front-end website Image 1

Search Results

Customers always use the search function, as those who use the navigation tab are half as likely to make a purchase. With the Search Result, all of your services will automatically show up on a page that has many tools to help people find the services they want.

Front-end website Image 2
Hotel Search Halfmap
Front-end website Image 3
Hotel Search Popup


The first thing a customer sees on the service page is a gallery with a high-resolution photo and a thumbnail. Also, the service page has a lot of information, such as the price and availability, how to find a place on Google Map, and how to get reviews and comments from visitors.

Front-end website Image 4

Checkout Page

One-page checkout is helpful in many ways. It puts all the parts of a standard checkout process on a single page, such as customer information, service content, and payment information. It reduces the number of pages and clicks needed to pay, which makes the checkout process better for the customer.

Front-end website Image 5
Checkout Page
Front-end website Image 6
Booking Success