Hotel Options

  • Enable the Availability Check for the hotel on a search page
  • Enter the Distance to Nearby Hotels which is displayed on the map
  • For the Price Show on Listing option, show the average price or minimum price on the result search page.
  • Choose to show Hotel Stars or Hotel Reviews on the list of hotels to search for
  • Hotel Search Result Page: Select the page to show the hotel result search page.
Hotel Options Image 1
  • Enter the number of Items per page on a hotel search result page.
  • Select the Hotel Details Layout to display on the single hotel page
  • Enter the maximum number of Max Adult in Search Field
  • Enter the maximum number of Max Children in Search Field
  • A user could review a hotel on the Review Option
Hotel Options Image 2

Note: To allow review on each item service, kindly make sure that you need to enable Discussion > Allow comments of that service

  • Show Information Contact in a sidebar single hotel page.
  • For Review Criteria, which is a hotel review evaluation to rating on a single hotel page
  • Show featured Hotel on the top of Search Result on a search result page
  • For Advanced Search options, which allow you to list or display the hotel by category on the homepage and on the search bar. Activate this option to select the hotel category to display on your website.
Hotel Options Image 3
  • For the Type Filter Option Attribute, which is the advanced filter option on a hotel search result. Choose AND option mean filtering all of the attributes of the hotel at once, otherwise OR option allows you to select just one attribute of a hotel.
  • Select the Map Maker Icon to show the hotel on Google Map
  • Enable the Show Hotel Nearby on the map
Hotel Options Image 4