Styling Options

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On the Theme Options > Styling Options


  • Choose the Theme Style to Modern type
  • Decide to choose either the Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder for applying to each demo site. Otherwise, your website design could get errors on WPBakery Page Builder/Elementor
  • Change the read mode from left to right on Right to Left mode
  • Select the Typography, Google Font on your website
  • Select the font from the Google Font on the list


  • When editing the font of Google Font must to match with the Typography, Google Fonts to avoid a font error
  • To clear the font cache, go to Theme Settings > Sync Availability
Styling Options Image 1
  • Change the Main Color of the website
  • Change the Link Color of the website
  • Add CSS Custom code right there
Styling Options Image 2


  • Set up the Banner Transparent on your website
  • Change the navigation menu item on the Header menu items
  1. Click on add new button, New form will open.
  2. There are 5 standard options to use: Login, Currency, Language, Search form on Header, and Shopping Cart. You just need to select each item for this menu and arrange it as you wish.
  3. Besides that, we also provide you the option Custom link, which you can use this to build other information:
  • Title: Enter Title for a custom link, to mark the option.
  • Item: Select Custom link to activate it
  • Link: Enter the link URL for the item
  • Title Link: This is the name of the Link shown on Front-end

For example, I want to create a custom link with a document icon. I search a book icon on Fontawesome first. Link:

Styling Options Image 12

And Paste it on Icon Link

Styling Options Image 11

Finally, this icon will show on header menu item like this:

Styling Options Image 13
Styling Options Image 3


  • Select the Menu Style on the list
  • Enable the Menu Transparent which is shown on your website
Styling Options Image 4
  • Enable the Mega Menu to activate this option. Reload your admin dashboard again, you’ll see the Mega Menu section on the sidebar
Styling Options Image 5


  • Enable the TopBar menu to display
  • Select the item of Topbar Menu Options
  • To hide it on a mobile screen, enable Hidden Topbar in Mobile
Top Bar Menu Image 1
Styling Options Image 8


  • Change the text to display Featured Text content.
  • Change the color of Feature Background Color options
Styling Options Image 9



This options is applied to both Elementor demo and WPBakery Demo.

  • Change the Copyright Text on the footer of your website
  • Insert the image of Card Accept to payment
Styling Options Image 10