General Options

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General Options

  • Show or hide the admin bar for a user on the Normal User Adminbar
  • For Disable Theme Service Option, to disable a service that you do not use, please tick the check box on the list of services
General Options Image 1


  • Change the logo of your website on Modern Logo
  • Change the logo of the user dashboard on Logo User Dashboard
  • Change the Retina Logo but you should take notice of renaming the logo retina to logo-name@2x.ext-name.
For example, the Logo is my-logo.jpg. Logo Retina must be: my-logo@2x.jpg
General Options Image 2
  • Change the Mobile Logo for the mobile screen
  • Change the Favicon on your website

404 Options

  • Select 404 Style Layout to display on your website
  • Create a custom 404 page on the Text of 404 page
  • Select the Background Color of the 404 page on your website
  • Set the Image of the 404 page on your website