How to set up Traveler Bokun?

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What is Traveler Bokun?

Bokun is a system for tour operators and travel agents to  manage reservations. Bokun lets tour operators take care of everything about their tours, including creating and managing bookings and itineraries, automating their booking process, and keeping track of which tours are available. You could spend less time on administrative tasks and more time giving customers excellent service.

Traveler Bokun is a special add-on of Traveler that integrates with Bokun.  It helps you create tours and activities on Bokun platform and then automatically update it to your website so you can manage your booking in one place and set up your travel product, price and availability in Bokun platform instead of having to do it through WordPress. Let’s try now. Click here


  • This plugin works only with the WPBakery Modern Layout of Traveler theme, not for Elementor Layout
  • Admin still needs the “Bókun PRO” subscription to make it work
  • Checkout support only the payment “Pay At Arrival


  • When you have purchased this Add-on, extract this and you will see these files folder
Bokun Image 2
  • Click on “Upload Plugin” in the dashboard and upload file and activate this add-on
Bokun Image 3

Bokun Elements

Creating Page for Bokun

  • You need to create 4 pages for Bokun which are:
  1. Search result page
  2. Single page
  3. Checkout page
  4. Booking success page
  • Select Pages -> Add New then Choose Template and set features image. Template: Home Modern
  • For example, we create a Bokun Search Result page first.
Bokun Image 4
  • Click WPBakery Page Builder to edit page.
Bokun Image 5
  • Select Element for each pages below:
  1. ST Bokun Sidebar Form Search and ST Bokun Search Result  for Bokun Search Result Page
  2. ST Bokun Single Experience for Bokun Single Page
  3. ST Bokun Checkout for Bokun Checkout Page
  4. ST Bokun Booking Success for Bokun Booking Success Page

Video Tutorial:

Creating Bokun Search Form

  • On Pages> All Page> Home Page, choose ST Search Form Settings element to edit search form for Bokun
  1. Search Form Type: choose Mix service
  2. Title Tab: Enter the title
  3. Service: Choose Bokun
  4. Save setting.
  • After successful setup. The search form with Traveler Bokun will be like this
Bokun Image 7


Go to Theme Options > Affiliate Configure > Bokun

  • Bokun URL: Enter Bokun URL
  • Access Key: Enter the access key
  • Secret Key: Enter the secret key
  • Bokun Search Result Page: Select the page to show search results for Bokun
  • Bokun Single Page: Select page for single Bokun
  • Bokun Checkout Page: Select the page for checkout
  • Bokun successfully booking page: Select page for successful booking
  • Radius of search: Distance from location to experience (km)
  • Auto fill User Data Turn on/off to get user data
  • Currency Name: Select the Currency name you want
  • Currency Symbol: Enter the currency symbol
  • Currency Position: Control the position of the currency symbol
  • Thousand Separator: Specifies what string to use for the thousand separator
  • Decimal Seperator: Specifies what string to use for decimal point
  • Currency decimal: Set the number of the decimal point.
Bokun Image 8
Bokun Image 9
Bokun Image 10

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