How to set up Traveler Duplicate?

What is Traveler Duplicate?

Traveler Duplicate can copy information like the price and availability of each hotel, trip, car, and flight. It speeds up the process of making material. It is important for people who want to save time and effort while making high-quality material for their travel website without worrying about missing data or incomplete copies 

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Step 1: Once, you have purchased this Add-on, extract this and you will see 3 files folder

Traveler Duplicate Image 1

Step 2: Click on “Upload plugin” in dashboard and upload file

Traveler Duplicate Image 2

Step 3: Activate the plugin

Traveler Duplicate Image 3

Setting up Traveler Duplicate

  • Select the service you want to copy on the menu bar, for example, I want to duplicate content of tour services
Traveler Duplicate Image 4
  • Click on any tour you want to copy and select “Duplicate
  • Select the number of tours you want to copy from the old tour
  • Choose copy tour availability
  • Click on “Duplicate now” button to run.