How to set up Traveler Viator?

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What is Viator?

Viator is a website where travelers can look for and book tours, activities, and other experiences in places all over the world. The platform has a wide range of travel products, such as tours, activities, and cultural experiences. Viator also has an affiliate program that lets travel businesses earn money by promoting Viator’s products on their own websites.

Traveler Viator is an add-on that integrates with Viator platform. It gives the customer with a lot of travel options and help you make more money and improve the customer experience. Let’s try it now. Click here 

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Want to see the Traveler Viator add-on in action? Visit our demo website! Once there, simply enter your desired location into the search bar. The results you’ll see are directly from the Viator system. 

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  • When you have purchased this Add-on, click on “Upload Plugin” in the dashboard and upload file to activate this add-on
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Registering Viator Account

  • Integrate Viator for searching hotel, you have to had an account from
  • If you already have one, please follow these steps below to integrated Viator to Traveler theme.

Step 1: Register account: You can register new in this link

Viator Image 2

Step 2: Get Partner ID and API key

Viator Image 3

Step 3: Please go to WPAdmin > Pages > Add New > Enter title > Template, then select List item viator

Viator Image 4

Step 4: Go to Theme settings > Affiliate Configure > Viator affiliate, then enter Partner ID, API key, Viator Search Result Page, Currency codes, and Currency Symbol

Notice: Viator system only support date format {yyyy}/{mm}/{dd}

Viator Image 5

Adding Viator Search Form

WPBakey Page Builder

Go to Page> All Pages> Home Page> Edit by WPBakery, and find ST Search Form elements to edit search form for Viator

  • Search Form Type: Mix Services. It works only with Mix Service.
  • Search Items: Click to add a new item.
  • Tab title: Viator
  • Service: Viator
  • Click Save Changes
Viator Image 6

After setup successfully. The search form with Viator Affilate will be like this

Viator Image 9


Go to Page> All Pages> Home Page> Edit with Elementor, and find Form Search elements to edit search form for Viator

  • Type Form Search:  Mix Services
  • Choose Service: Hotel, Tour, Activity
  • Style: Style 1. It works only with Style 1
Viator Image 7

Elementor can choose Type Form Search as a single service

Viator Image 8

After setup successfully. The search form with Viator Affilate will be like this

Viator Image 10


How much will I earn?

You will earn an 8% commission on any experience booked within 30 days

How do I qualify for the Viator Partner Program?

There are no qualifications needed to join the Viator Partner Program. Anyone can join!

What types of experiences are on your platform?

Viator has 300,000+ experiences across 2,500 destinations, in a variety of categories, ranging from walking tours and cooking classes to multi-day excursions and helicopter tours. Any experience you find on can earn you a commission.

Do any of Viator affiliate tools require technical skills?

Viator affiliate tools, such as links, widgets, and banners are easy to use and do not require any special technical skills.
For Viator Affiliate API, Viator recommend having a basic understanding of API development work