How to set up Traveler SMS?

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What is Traveler SMS?

Twilio SMS is a platform that lets businesses use their own software apps to send and receive SMS messages. The platform gives developers a set of APIs that they can use to add SMS functionality to their own apps, websites, and other systems.

Traveler SMS is an extension that works with When a customer makes a reservation on a website, Traveler SMS uses the Twilio API SMS to send messages to the admin, the partner, and the customer. Let’s try it out.

Note: This plugin works with the defaul Modal Checkout only

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  • When you have purchased this Add-on, extract this and you will see 3 files folder
SMS Image 3
  • Click on “Upload plugin” in the WP dashboard and upload the file
SMS Image 4
  • Activate the plugin
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Registering Twilio Account

  • Access and register an account
  • One confirmation email will be sent to you. Please check your inbox, and click on the link to confirm.
  • Then, the system will send a message or voice call to provide OTP to activate your account.
  • Access to get Auth Tokens information.
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  • Go to Theme Settings > Traveler SMS to set up this add-on
  • Turn On Send SMS: Turn on/off sent message feature
  • Twilio Phone Number: Enter Twilio Phone Number
  • Twilio Account ID: Enter account id
  • Auth Token: Enter token code
  • Message to Admin: The content of message that sent to Admin. Max 160 characters
  • Message to Partner: The content of message that sent to Partner. Max 160 characters
  • Message to Customer: The content of message that sent to Customer. Max 160 characters
We have provided some short-codes to add in message. It displays some booking information
  • [booking_id] – Display booking ID
  • [customer_name] – Display customer name – customer name fill in check out form.
  • [customer_email] – Customer email – fill in check our form
  • [st_country] – Customer Country
  • [check_in] – Check In date
  • [check_out] – Check Out date
  • [customer_phone] – Customer Mobile phone
  • [total_price] – Total Price
  • [created_date] – Date of booking

Checkout page

  • When you are using Twilio SMS plugin, the “Phone” field will have country area codes. Please select the area code then enter the phone number excluding the area code, the leading 0.
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